Pain in the sacrum

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General DescriptionThe sacrum is a bony formation consisting of five immovably connected vertebrae that connects the lumbar spine, coccyx and pelvic bones. The sacrum is…

Pain in the knee joint

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General DescriptionThe knee, a complex complex joint, connects the femur with the tibia bones (tibia and fibula) and the patella. Together with the muscles and…

Pain in the eye

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Pain in the eye is quite common in ophthalmology, an alarming symptom that is of serious concern to the individual. The pain can be of…

Lower abdominal pain

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Why the lower abdomen hurts and what to do about itThe uterus is the most important organ of each woman’s reproductive system. The most common…

Peyronie’s disease

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Peyronie’s disease (fibroblastic induration) is a male urogenital disorder that is accompanied by a curvature of the penis. The defect becomes noticeable while the penis…

Parkinson’s disease

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What is Parkinson’s diseaseParkinson’s disease is a progressive disease of the nervous system that is mainly characterized by movement disorders. Symptoms increase slowly, sometimes with…

Periodontal disease

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General DescriptionPeriodontal disease is a group of inflammatory diseases of the tissues surrounding a tooth. The main source of infection in the periapical tissues are…

Myopia – symptoms and treatment

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How to take care of your eyesight and why myopia occursMyopia (or myopia) is a pathology of the refractive power of the eye in which…


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Astigmatism is a condition in which the transparent structure of the front and / or back surface of the eye – the cornea – does…

Atherosclerosis of the heart vessels

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Atherosclerosis of the heart vessels (coronary atherosclerosis) is a chronic pathology that develops when cholesterol plaques form on the walls of coronary arteries. Cholesterol plaques…

Allergic skin lesions

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General descriptionAllergic skin lesions are a group of diseases that have a genetic basis and whose occurrence is stimulated by exposure to allergens. Skin allergies…