New rules for COVID-19 treatment

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Patients no longer have to take a control test for COVID-19 to be discharged if they have been treated for more than seven days. They can go straight back to work or school if they have no symptoms of the disease one week after the diagnosis is confirmed.

The changes affect both those who are treated as inpatients and those who are self-isolated.

If a patient with a confirmed COVID-19 has been treated or seen by a doctor for less than a week, he will still need a negative PCR test for discharge. It can be taken no sooner than three days after the positive test.

Without a negative test, those who live in communal apartments, social service institutions with 24-hour stay, dormitories and hotels also cannot be discharged from the hospital.

In both cases, the patient will be contacted by a doctor, hold an audio consultation, and close or extend the sick leave depending on the person’s condition. After closing the sick leave will appear in the electronic medical record, the employer will also receive it automatically.

If after a week there are no symptoms left, the patient can close the sick leave just as well – remotely and without a PCR test. At least this is the procedure prescribed in the order of the Ministry of Health for doctors. If after a week of self-isolation symptoms persist or the condition worsens, you can call a doctor at home: he will take a PCR test, extend the sick leave and prescribe treatment.